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February 1999

February 8 1999

Fiona performs on stage!
Fiona joined Jon Brion on stage at Club Largo in LA on Friday with Beck and Beth Orton as well. For those that don't know yet, Jon Brion is the percussionist on Tidal as well as the producer (and instrumentalist) of Across The Universe, and he's also producing Fiona's new album when she goes back into the studio in the spring. Fiona joined Jon about halfway through the set and performed several jazz standards as well as a new song, "Paper Bag." We have heard that name before, it was in the Harper's Bazaar article, listed as one of the tracks that she has recorded for the new album. Finally, these songs are surfacing! Let them glow! hehehe... (thanks to Fiona Has Wings, and Never Is A Promise for this info. Aren't we just the cutest little network of crazed Fiona Apple webmasters? hehehe)

February 17 1999

Article on David Blaine.
I know this isn't really all that relevant to Fiona, but hey, it's news, I figure "she's got something inspired by him permanently tattood to her back and it is something to put on my news page." so, there is an article about David Blaine (it's rather long) in the March issue of Elle magazine. Thanks to Jess for this info.

February 19 1999

Kailin says: "someone told me that Fiona Apple will be in the Nick Cage movie 8MM... he said that she will have a few seconds part..."
I don't know if this is true or not, but if anyone hears anything more about it, please Email me. Thanks.

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