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January 1999

January 3 1999

Fiona wins an award...
Fiona wins an award from Entertainment Weekly Online in EW's awards for the best and worst in Hollywood revelry ...
January 4 1999

Fiona landed herself several positions in Billboard's year-end charts. Tidal placed at #98 on the best-selling albums list, even thought it's almost 2 and a half years old! Fiona also came it at #82 for Album artist, #22 for Female Album Artists, and #5 for best-selling sheet music for Tidal.

January 6 1999

Fiona in Teen People
Fiona appears in yet another February magazine twice. The magazine is Teen People and the subject is Valentines Day. There is a picture of her and Paul Thomas Anderson on page 97 under a section called "Valentine Virgins" (new couples) that reads: "Perhaps Fiona Apple and Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson will spend the evening in their new, not-so-humble $1.9 million abode." on the very next page, under a section called "Flashback Special" there is another picture of her and David Blaine and a caption that reads: "Fiona Apple club-hopped with magician David Blaine in '97." I'll have these pictures as soon as I get the magazine. (or as soon as one of you sends them to me, hehehe...)(thanks to Lane for the info.)

Fiona on Butch Vig's top ten list.
In an email from the Allstar mailing list, Butch Vig listed Fiona on his top ten picks of 1998 with Across The Universe. He placed her at #9. Way cool.

January 11 1999

Update on Fiona's new album - finally!
Fiona Has Wings reports that in the December issue of the Los Angeles Magazine they state that Fiona's new album will be recorded by Jon Brion (percussionist on Tidal and producer of Across The Universe) and not Andrew Slater like it was originally thought. It says that the album will be recorded in the spring which means it will most likely be released in late 1999. It also reports that Fiona has joined Jon onstage at Club Largo in Los Angeles and that Fiona and Paul's purchase of the new home was the largest real estate deal of 1998.

January 15 1999


According to Never is a Promise, label representatives have confirmed that there is NO Fiona/Foxy collaboration on Chyna Doll, although some preliminary talks of a collaboration did take place, it was never carried through.

Fiona in Rolling Stone Readers Poll.
Fiona was in the Rolling Stone top 20 readers poll at #19 in the latest issue with Rob Zombie on the cover. Thanks to for this info.

January 22 1999

MTV Reports on Fiona

1.19.99 14:00 EST
Foxy Brown-Fiona Apple Collaboration Scuttled By Schedule,
Apple Eyes Work On New Album

Foxy Brown's sophomore effort, entitled "Chyna Doll," is due to arrive in stores next week, and while the new album features guest shout-outs from the likes of DMX, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and Mia X, one artist who won't be appearing on "Chyna Doll" is singer Fiona Apple.

As we previously reported (see "Foxy Brown Taps Fiona Apple For New Album"), Brown had originally approached Fiona about contributing to a track last year while Foxy was in the midst of recording the new album.

According to a representative for Brown, scheduling differences between the two artists eventually scuttled plans for the collaboration, and a joint recording session could not be arranged in enough time to insure that the song would make it onto "Chyna Doll."

Meanwhile, Apple herself is planning to head into a studio in the next few months to begin work on the follow-up to her 1996 debut record, "Tidal." The project will reunite Apple with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion, who performed on "Tidal" and recently produced Rufus Wainwright's self-titled debut. Since "Tidal," Brion has also played keyboards on records for Elliot Smith, the eels, Grant Lee Buffalo and Mary Lou Lord.

No word yet on when Fiona Apple is expected to deliver her highly anticipated sophomore album, but we'll keep you posted.

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