News Archive - July 1999

July 21

Release Date of the new album
The release date of the new album has been a very popular topic of concern, or course, for many Fiona fans including myself. The official Fiona Apple website states:

Fiona is working hard on her follow up to her platinum debut album Tidal with producer Jon Brion. We are expecting to release her new album in September of this year! Stay tuned for more details!

However, (this peice of information stolen directly from the ever wonderful Fiona Has Wings) Fiona's record label, WORK, has been sold by Sony to Epic records. This means delays in album releases. Fiona's new album should be released however by late 1999, and maybe, just maybe early 2000.

On another note, FHW's Los Angeles correspondent Chris talked once again with Jon Brion, and Jon says that Fiona is indeed happy with the new album and that it will be completed very soon. Now all we have to do is wait for Epic/WORK to set a date for the release, and wait some more.

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