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March 1999

March 3 1999

Saturday Night Live rerun
The rerun of the Saturday night live with Fiona will be rerun on April fifth at 2 PM and again at 12 AM. thanks to Jenn for this information.

March 5 1999

Best of Sessions at West 54th Street
Fiona will be featured on the Best of Sessions Part 2 on March 27th. She is to be shown singing Never is a Promise. Sessions at West 54th website. And, you can still read about the original airing of that show here on The Voice.

March 7 1999

Fiona's brother

Fiona's brother, Garett Maggart, as you may or may not know, is on a tv show called The Sentinel. I don't really have very much information, so if you know anything at all, please email me. Wanna see him? Go here. thanks to Linda for this info.

March 8 1999

Fiona Apple Online reports that an anonymous source tells them that Fiona is more than halfway done recording the new album and "Fiona and Jon Brion have been in the studio for a month now with Patrick Warren (keys) and Matt Chamberlin (drums) returning. Rich Costey is engineering the album. The source says that the album is just like "Tidal" in all the good ways and it also includes some of the experimental sounds used in "Across The Universe." He also mentioned that Fiona is really excited and interested in the new album. He says the experience has been a very positive one so far." I'm not sure how reliable this source is, but I think it's at least mostly believabe. Stay tuned for further news on the new album.

March 15 1999

New on The Voice: The Voice Mailing List Section
Now featured on The Voice is a brand new page that I've designed for The Voice Mailing list, featuring a Members section. It's not very big right now, but I hope to work on it some more soon and put everyone on there eventually. So please check it out!

March 25 1999

Pleasantville released on DVD
According to Never is a Promise, Pleasantville has been released on DVD and video, and included on the DVD is the entire video for Across The Universe. There are also other extras on the DVD.

March 31 1999

Reliable Source Tells FHW That Fiona Is Done Recording!
Isn't that a cool looking headline? I like it. But anyway, Fiona Has Wings reports that a reliable source in Los Angeles talked with Jon Brion(who, as you know, is producing Fiona's new album) and Jon told him that they are ready to mix the album. That means that the recording is all done! According to Jon, the new album will be released in spring/summer 99 and not fall like previously thought.

Jon said that the diferrence between Tidal and this album is that this album is "more direct." That Fiona has a stronger sense of where she's going musically.

Thank you ever so much, Fiona Has Wings. I don't know what we'd do without you!

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