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October 2

Video For Fast As You Can

The video for Fiona's first single from the new album, Fast As You Can, debuted on MTV yesterday at 3:30 p.m. I found it very interesting. The video was shot in a really kind of funny way, the host of the show said something about an old camera being used. I'm sure more news on the making of this video will surface. If you missed the video, you can get a clip of it from the official site in real video or quicktime. If anyone knows what the lyrics to the new song are, or if anyone has any guesses, please email them to me. (The picture to the right, which I stole from the official website, is from the video. Fiona's eating a lit birthday candle. mmm...)
Fiona's official website has undergone a bit of a redesign and now features the cover of the new single, Fast As You Can, which has been sent to radio stations and such. The art for the new single was done by Fiona herself, and can be seen to the left. If you missed the premeif of the video, you can still catch it on it's VH1 premeir on October 4th at 8 am and 2 pm, or request it on The Box starting October 4th at 12 pm.

The redesigned site also states that starting October 8th at 4:30, they will be posting a differrent song from the new album each week, with sounds clips and lyrics. Even more importantly, on the new site, you can find an updated biography that has little hints in it about the new album.

After picking through the biography, I have compiled a list of all the tracks that they mention. There is a total of eight, which means that there are two more to be discovered!

Fast As You Can
Get Gone
I Know
On The Bound
To Your Love
Love Ridden
Paper Bag

I've completed the beginnings of my Fast As You Can page, so go there and like read it or something.

ALSO... FionaHasWings' correspondent Chris comes through again with another report from Job Brion regarding Fiona, go to right away to read all about it.

October 4


My dear freind Kim has come through with the track listing for Fiona's new album, "When The Pawn..." everyone email her and tell her how awesome she is.

1. On The Bound (5:21)
2. To Your Love (3:40)
3. Limp (3:29)
4. Love Ridden (3:22)
5. Paper Bag (3:39)
6. A Mistake (4:56)
7. Fast As You Can (4:38)
8. The Way Things Are (4:16)
9. Get Gone (4:07)
10. I Know (4:55)

Also, I just finished my first attempt at lyrics for the first single, Fast As You Can, which debuted on MTV on the first of October. (October is such a good month.) anyway, I put those on my Fast As You Can Page. So go read them and email me if your guess is diferrent than mine.

October 9

Love Ridden Online Exclusive
Fiona's official website has begun it's weekly posting of new songs from the new album. The first song that it is featuring is "Love Ridden" which is a very pretty little ballad, from what I can tell of the clip that they give.

Real Audio clip of Love Ridden
Wav clip of Love Ridden
Real Audio Clip of Fast As You Can
Wav clip of Fast As You Can

They didn't, however, feature lyrics like they said that they were going to. But maybe they'll post those later or something.

ALSO: as far as Lane knows, (which is probably a pretty good bet) the Fast As You Can import single will be available starting October 18!

October 12

Fiona on Jay Leno
According to the still-wonderful, Fiona will be performing on Jay Leno on the ninth of November, which, as you know, is the same day that the album comes out. They say that she'll be performing her first single, Fast As You Can. Now I don't know about everyone else, but I am very excited to see how this is going to sound live. You're welcome to come and be excited with me.

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