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August 1998

August 29 1998
Tonight theSessions at West 54th with Fiona will be rurun on PBS. Watch it!

August 22 1998
Now on the Voice - picture of Fiona with her new hair cut from US Magazine.
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August 17 1998
Ok everyone... I'm back! I disapeared for a while because my computer got windows ninety-eaten.  but I'm back now. So yeah. Fiona news!

Fiona will be on the soundtrack to a new movie called Pleasantville - she will be doing two songs - both covers.  The Beatles' "Across the Universe" and Percy Mayfield's "Please Send Me Someone To Love." (thanks to, Launch online and Lane for the info :-P)

According to Sony's official Fiona Apple site, there will also be a video for "Across the Universe"!!!  They say that the soundtrack will be out on October 6!

Fiona in another book
in addition to "From Lilith to Lilith Fair" which is already on shelves, Fiona will also be in an upcoming book.  Here's what Sara has to say about it.

Hey, there is a new book coming out that has Fiona, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and other female artists in it. It is titled something like, "Females in Their Own write", that is not the exact title but it's close enough. It is due to come out in September if all goes well. The book is set up so you get to read about all the artists and what they went through to where they are now. Cool, hey?

If anyone knows the exact title of the book, please email me!

August 3 1998
Fiona appears in Teen People yet again....
               From Peacegrly2,

on page 58, there's a small picture of fiona on the september says on sunday...september13..."Tidal waif Fiona Apple turns 22 today" On page 208...there is the horoscopes and fiona along with mase is in famous says

personality traits: Emotional and outspoken. She's wise beyond her years.  love life: She's glued to Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson future forcast: She'll continue to turn her personal crises into soulful lyrics.

Fiona on the cover of Seventeen Magazine???
rumor has it that Fiona will be on the cover of an upcoming issue of Seventeen Magazine.  Odd, I know, but still just a rumor.(from SARA)

August 1 1998
Fiona in latest US magazine
from Erma:

I got the newest issue of "US", the "Style Issue". Fiona's on Page 92 featuring her in a tied white lace tank, black pants with hankie-like fabrics tied around her waist and thigh...she's smiling and she looks as if she just won a million bucks! She's featured on the same page as the VH1 divas and other cool artists.

Fiona Crushed by John Popper
Yes, that's right, Thursday on Celebrity Deathmatch, Fiona faced John Popper in a fight to the death, and she didn't walk away from it :( you can read more about it here on

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