The Voice News Archive - July 1998

July 4 1998
Fiona will be on an upcoming episode of celebrity deathmatch, up against John Popper from Blues Traveler... stay tuned for further announcements...(thanks Lane! You know, your site kicks my ass, and your's too probably. Fiona Has Wings.)

 Fiona was on MTV's "Sex-rated video countdown", charting at number nine with Criminal. (thanks again, Lane. from Fiona Has Wings.)

July 9 1998
There is a picture of Fiona, wearing a lot of red eyeshadow, on page 32 of the latest issue of YM.(thanks to Lindsay for the info.)

The write-up that was in Teen People when Fiona was in the Hottest 21, can be found here, compliments of aol's Teen People section and Kari, for supplying me with this information.

She could be wearing a fully zipped parka and still seem naked. That's because Fiona Apple bares herself so completely on her CD Tidal -- from a rape at age 12 to a painful romantic relationship. The 20-year-old Grammy winner, who's now working on a follow-up,  started writing songs at age 11: "I was just a kid who had things to say, but I was reluctant to say them to people for fear someone would think something was wrong with me. This was the only place I could go."

July 10 1998
Fiona is in the new Teen People two times this month. One picture and one quote. The picture is on page 172 and the quote is on the last page. The quote is as follows:

"I spent a lot of time by myself, and I think that teaches you a lot more about relationships than just being with someone all the time"

the picture is from the VH1 Fashion awards. Its about having a skirt on over pants.(from Mark, thanks!!! :)

July 13 1998
Fiona is in an issue of Seventeen Magazine in a write up about how cool her glasses are.(strange considering she's the artist they are sooo over...)

July 14 1998
Fiona MTV Video Music Award Nominations!!!

Fiona has been nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards for "Criminal."  The catergories are Female Video and Cinematography.  In Female Video, Fiona's up against Mariah Carey featuring Puff Daddy & The Family, ``Honey (Remix)''; Natalie Imbruglia, ``Torn''; Madonna, ``Ray of Light''; Shania Twain, ``You're Still the One.''  In Cenematography, ``Push It,'' Garbage, Max Malkin; ``Ray of Light,'' Madonna, Henrik Halvarsson; ``Don't Drink the Water,'' Dave Matthews Band, Dean Karr; ``Karma Police,'' Radiohead, Stephen Keith-Roache. - wish her luck!(from AOLNews)

The date has been set for the airing of the episode of Celebrity Deathmatch in which Fiona battles it out with John Popper- it will be on July 30th- watch it!(thanks Nanikita!)

July 25 1998
Fiona on Celebrity Deathmatch - first pictures in...

Fiona Apple


John Popper

Don't miss Fiona on Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV Thursday, July 30th.  - pictures taken from

 Fiona Beaten by Shania Twain...

Yes, I know it's depressing and all, but Fiona lost the VH1 Viewers award for sexiest video to Shania Twain, everyone's favorite country singer turned pop star selling themselves with their breas-- wait I mean catchy hooks and incredibly passive light melodies.

July 27 1998
Another bad Fiona joke...

Thanks to Lindsey for supplying me with the following: "I was watching the Jim Bruewer Show and there was a young comedian talking about how thin all of the models, actresses, vocalists, etc. were getting and she made this comment " Yeah I mean one day I turned on the T.V. and when Fiona Apple's video came on I almost mistook her for a Save the Children commercial." - Where do these people come from?

Fiona Debuts new song

Apple, meanwhile, played to a packed Roseland Ballroom in New York City at a benefit for the ALS Foundation. For the show, which raised close to $500,000 for research, she debuted a new song of unknown title, one that should find its way onto her sophomore record, likely due sometime in very late '98 or early '99.

July 28 1998
Signed photograph
You can purchase a signed photograph of Fiona for $75 at