The Voice News Archive - June 1998

June 1 1998
Stevie Nicks mentioned Fiona in a recent interveiw, here's what she had to say:

What current colleagues/collaborators does she (Stevie) most admire?

"Alanis Morissette, Joan Osborne, Sheryl Crow (who co-authored "Somebody Stand By Me" on "Enchanted"), and Fiona Apple, who's very young and angry. I care about her and hope she's OK. Fame is dangerous ground when you are young. You have gotta pace yourself." (thanks to Giovanni for the info.)

June 2 1998
There is a bit on Fiona in the latest issue of Q Magazine.  Here's a peice of the article:

Fiona Apple has cancelled the final leg of her American tour, about 21 dates, due to "personal family problems". She's already written the songs for her new album, which she plans to start recording in the next few weeks -- if the colours of her moods allow.(info from Giovanni.)

If anyone has the complete article, it would be great if you could mail it to me :)

June 3 1998
Shirley manson mentions Fiona in a recent issue of Select Magazine:

"When Fiona Apple wrote that line "When I`m strong like music", I could have killed her, I was so jelous. That`s exactly what it is", Shirley says. "Exactly" (thanks go out to Lisa for this info.)

The Fiona Apple poster by Bob masse is still available on the internet, and still hand signed and numbered! and cheaper, the new rate is $26 as opposed to the original $35.  go here.  thanks Alisdair!

In the latest issue of Teen people, they interviewed fiona and some other people. When asked the question, "How do you handle the heat of the press?" or something similar to that, they gave these long winded speeches. But Fiona just said: "The Air conditioner"(thanks to Jonathan)

 A rather discussed topic as of late: Fiona was voted "artist we are soo over" in the latest issue of Seventeen magazine and they then went on to say about how she's a Manson follower and such, if you'll remember, this is the same magazine that was just worshipping her not too long ago...

June 4 1998
Fiona is in the latest issue of Twist magazine, under things that you should have when you're in a relationship. It says that you should have Tidal because it deals with the ups and downs of a relationship.(thanks vicki for the info.)

 Fiona is also in June issue of JUMP, under a thing about couples, there's a picture of her and Paul(who you all know she is involved with, who is the director of Boogie Nights)  it also has a picture of Marilyn Manson and someone, and it says Marilyn Manson, who Fiona once called on...(I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean.)(thanks to vicki agian!)

 Fiona is mentioned in an article about Tori Amos in the June issue of Rolling Stone. to read the article, go to this page on A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe, which is a brilliant page. The article isn't there at the moment but it should be up soon.

June 6 1998
In the latest issue of Jane, Fiona was voted second place "celeb (who) bitches so much, you want to complain to his or her publicist".  Kathy Lee Gifford took first. (thanks Forsythia.)

June 8 1998
Criminal is nominated for a VH1 Viewer award, click here to vote for Criminal as sexiest video of the year.

Fiona is featured on the digital grafitti section of Hecklers Online... a lot of this stuff is really mean :( click here.

 There is a picture and a small statement about Fiona in the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar about her hair at the grammies.(thanks to aharsmen)

 Fiona is mentioned in an article in Spin magazine which answers the Apple of Sodom question.  to read a part of it, click here. (thanks Jezzy)

June 23 1998
Fiona is in the new issue of "People" with her current lover, Paul Thomas Anderson. There's a nice big picture of her face and he's kinda in the background. They are under the section called "Dating Game". And Tori Amos and her new hubby are also in there. (thanks to the flea.)

June 26 1998
You can download a .wav and read what Fiona says on the DVD for Boogie Nights, here at Never is a Promise. thanks FionaApps9 for the info and thanks Nanikita and anybody else involved in Never is a Promsie for making an AWESOME page!

June 27 1998
Fiona appears in an interesting article about women rockers and their personas and images on Maximag, you can read it here.

June 29 1998
The Fiona article is just being released in the Australian Rolling Stone, with Seinfeld on the cover.(thanks Lilia)

Fiona and Matchbox 20:
I talked the most with Paul (the drummer). I asked him about what he thought about the internet and fan sites, about being famous now, and about Fiona. He told they had met Fiona a while ago and that she was "really nice and very talented"!  (from David- thanks!)

June 30 1998
Fiona was number ten on VH1's top ten sexiest women's list hosted by Antonio Saboto Jr. who said "her only crime is major talent."(thanks Kari.)

 Fiona was on Artist Cut on June 25th with the Criminal video, to read what she said, click here. (thanks Allison)

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