Fiona News Archive - May 1998

April 30 1998 - The Voice is born!

May 2 1998 
 - Fiona will be on the Howard Stern show tonight at 11pm.  I'm unsure whether this is a rerun or not.
 To read some of the highlights of this show, click here.
 - Fiona Apple is featured as Spin's 20th most vital artist in music today in the May issue of Spin Magazine.  She talked a bit about her new album, about how she's started recording and she's not quite sure what direcion this album is going to take.  Hear what they have to say here.

May 3 1998
  -  Fiona has donated a signed CD to the TJMartell foundation, a foundation that raises money for cancer and aids research.  The CD is being auctioned off on their Auctionline.  The CD is currently at $190.  To see it, or bid on it, or see other items, click here.

May 4 1998
  -  Vote for Fiona as one of People's Most Beautiful People of the year.
  -  Fiona will be on ABC's Rolling Stone Special, 9:00 pm on May 21st.  She's scheduled to perform Never is a Promise.

May 9 1998
  -  Fiona now Mother-approved!
 MTV's 12 Angry Viewers has temporarily become 12 Angry Mom's.  here's what MTV has to say:

"Forget 12 Angry Viewers -- this week we've got 12 ANGRY MOTHERS! The moms of Puffy, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Steve from Third Eye Blind, and more will be on, gettin' all angry, talking about their kids and stuff. "

To get to the point, Criminal was one of the featured videos, and although a few mom's had some objections, it passed the test.  All the 12 Angry Viewers from this week will be rerun beginning at 1 AM tonight/tomorrown morning on MTV.

  -  I've heard that Fiona is on the last page of YM's "Fitness and Beauty" issue regarding celebs that aren't afraid to show their belly buttons.

  - On May 30th, PBS is rerunning The episode of Fiona on Sessions at West 4th Street.  Don't miss it!

May 11 1998
  -  Fiona will be on Jay leno tomorrow night, May 12... watch it!

May 16 1998
  -  Help!  I missed Fiona on Jay Leno, if you know anything about it, or even better, if you have it taped, Email me!  I'll pay money for it, or we can make a trade, thanks!

  -  An MTV News article mentions Fiona being featured in a book about female artists:

"Lilith vets, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Fiona Apple, and Joan Osborne will join Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, and others in the pages of ³Solo: Women Singer Songwriters In Their Own Words." The book, due in August will feature those familiar performers in never-before seen interviews and photos."

to read the rest of the article(which isn't very much bigger than what I quoted) click here.

May 20 1998
  - There are three pictures of Fiona in the latest issue of Teen People magazine - thanks to Lane for the info!

May 22 1998
  -  Tidal sheet music available, get it at

  -  Fiona was on Where It's At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union yesterday, commemorating it's 30th anniversary.  Read what Fiona had to say here.

May 25 1998
  -  You can see the interview and the performance that fiona gave on the Rolling Stone Special in .mov format at
A Tribute To Fiona Apple!  Thanks Steven!  Remember that you can read the interview here on The Voice!

May 27 1998
  -  Fiona will be on Saturday Night Live on May 30th.  Thanks to Firehawk for this info.

  -  New on The Voice : Fiona Apple Fan Gatherings.  Fiona Apple Fans will be gathering at the Lilith Fair Tour, to find out who to email about the gathering at the date you will be attending, go here!

May 28 1998
  -  apparently, Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights" has three different extras for its DVD laser disc on which some comments are featured from Fiona.  If you have this or have heard it, please email me!(thanks to Matther for the info.)

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