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October 1998

October 6 1998
The Voice is back! Things are kind of messy here, we've moved and things are a little messed up but all the kinks should be worked out soon, and the mailing list will be back in operation soon as well - keep checking back for details!

New video for Across The Universe!
That's right, the video for Fiona's new song on the Pleasantville soundtrack, Across The Universe, has debuted and is being played on MTV! I just saw it today, and it really is amazing. For more, go to my Pleasantville Soundtrack Page.

October 8 1998
"Pleasantville" to Premeire
Pleasantville is set to premiere Monday, October 19th at Mann National theatry. Celebrity guest include many actors from the movie, and of course our Fiona and Paul Thomas Anderson. The movie opens nationwide on October 23rd.
October 10 1998
The Voice Mailing List is back! Email to join!

October 12 1998
Now on The Voice - The lyrics to Across The Universe. Get them here

October 13 1998
Fiona bought a house! Her and Paul Thomas Anderson bought a cute little place for a bit short of 2 million... read about it here

October 16 1998
Vote for Fiona for Rolling Stones Readers Poll. You can get a form here.

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