Fiona Fans in Massachusetts
Name-- Michelle Pontbriand (aka Mish-L)
Country-- US
State or Province-- Massachusetts
City(optional)-- Easton, south of Boston
Gender-- Female
Age-- 17
Comments-- umm... i luv Fiona....?
raynham, ma usa
Name: Lindsay Justine Halliday
Country: USA
City: Reading, MA 01867
Gender: Female
D.O.B.: January 9, 1983
Comments: I am Fiona's biggest fan. Her music is so personal to me, and her style has inspired me in more ways than I can describe. As a singer, violinist, and piano player, I can honestly say that she is the epitamy of the 90's female musician to me, and I hope to hear a lot more from her. Her songs "Never Is A Promise" and "Across the Universe" are my 2 favorite songs in the whole world, and I just want to give a shout out to the rest of Fiona Apple's fans! You guys all rock... Just like Lovely Fiona!!!! :)
Name:Jen Videtto
Country: USA
State or Province: MA
City(optional): Revere
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Comments: Long time Fiona fan. My mailing list "Autumn Days" has been running for a while now you can E-Mail 'Subscribe" to and I wall add you onto the list! Fiona Rox!!!

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