Fiona fans in New Jersey
Name la la just call me Fiona. Don't be insulted if I don't tell you my name - I don't like my name and just make everyone call me Fiona.
Country United States
State or Province New Jersey
City(optional) next town over from Princeton
Gender female
Age 13
Comments I love the Voice, I love everyone on it, and I love Eddie for making such a cool list! YEAH EDDIE! And I love Fiona - but who doesn't??
New Jersey
Anyone who wants to talk about Fiona and other musicians they like, email. Also I have a picture of Fiona that I made for sale if anyone wants to buy it. I'll tell more about it if you email me back. Thanks!
don't have a webpage but i have a link from
IM me or write me it is great to meet people with such good taste i like a lot of other female artists too... check my profile

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