Fiona fans in Pennsylvania
Name: Sara
Birthdate: 1/28
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
Comments: Fiona is my woman! I love her so much!
Name: I have a real one, but online, I'm just ... Hikaru. :)
Webpage(if any): Http://
Country: USA
State or Province: Pennsylvania
City(optional): Near Pittsburgh
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Feb. 10, '83
Comments: I wasn't a Fiona fan until long after "Tidal" came out, but as soon as I got it, I was enthralled. She's an amazing singer/songwriter, and I'm inspired by how much feeling and emotions she is always able to emote through her work.
Amanda Folk
I love Fiona!! Espeacially the songs Sullen Girl, Shadowboxer, and Never Is a Promise, but the whole Tidal CD is just amazing!

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