My name is Rachel, however, those of you on the Voice know me as:


I can be reached at Nymph32783@aol.com

I live in a large suburb in the greater DC metropolitan area; the adorably snotty little town known as Columbia, MD. But hey, I was born and raised here - gotta love it.

Unfortunately, I've never seen Fiona live, but I would probably kill to do so. Not as readily as I would to see Ani, of course, but well ...

Ah, the story of my webpage is indeed a twsited tale. It took me forever to find a site that would allow me to make one, and then it took me hours and hours to put it together. And when I'd finally done enough to just put it out there and edit the rest later, I realized that I was forbidden to see my OWN webpage bc I'd called it "QueenRachelNymph's KickAss Webpage" and my stupid parental control settings are set to Mature Teen. Well, well, who here doesn't think mature teens can handle that?? Anyway, I've since forgotten the address. So somewhere out there, there's a halfassed webpage all about me. Yea.

My other beloved musicians, aside from my dear Fiona, are:
first and foremost, Ani Difranco, as well as ...
Tori Amos
Bob Dylan
Billie Holiday
The Doors

I believe my Mother wav is already on the official Voice website somewhere, but let me give you this - a little taste of my creative juices, so to speak.
Here's some of my original poetry, from this summer:

shelter me
from the lonely night
where my ripened emptiness
and freshly solid disappointments
fall before me
- dry leaves -
from a tree
the world has forsaken
how my body rests in restlessness
waking dreams robbing me of slumber
and failure lurking, looming
upon every cold sweat
soothe and appease me
where my own imagined confidence
provides no real comfort
bring me down from the ledges
i've precariously perched upon
and embrace me into sanity
lure my eyes to close
against the cool serenity of night
and promise you'll let not
these watchful demons
invade me

written July, 1998