Fiona flattened by John Popper on Celebrity Deathmatch - 7/30/98

for a realvideo clip of the fight, go here.

     I finally saw the match the other night... I must admit, they did do a pretty good job, it was funny.  Even though it wasn't Fiona.  She obviously would react much diferrently in that situation.  hehe...  but anyway...  hopefully we'll have a full transcript coming up here soon.  Anybody care to volunteer?
     Until then I'll just give you the run down here...  the fight started with a clip of her giving her speech at the MTV awards after recieving her award from John Popper(was really Elton John, but that's ok...) and uhm...  so then Fiona and John are in the ring and John's always telling her like "let's just be freinds" or something like that but Fiona insists on fighting, so after breaking all her limbs she bites him in the leg and he falls, then she crawls up on top of him and she's like "Before I finish this, I'd just like to say that all of you out there watching this show, this show is bull, and you shouldn't model your lives, no wait, wait a second!  you shouldn't model your lives after the way we celebrities kill each other.  go with yoursel- GO WITH YOURSELF!" or something like that...  then people in the audience are yelling for Popper to take her out and he's like "gotta give the people what they want." and he rolls over and flattens her.  but lo! our fiona doesn't die so easily...  at the end she peels her head off and says "what are you looking at?" to the referee person.  Anyway...  you can see a clip of it from the link above, and hopefully, again, I'll have a full transcript soon.

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