MTV's Buzzworthiest, December 19 1998

Sleep to Dream ranked at #11 on MTV's Buzzworthiest countdown. Fiona said a few things before they played the song. Here's a transcript:

Fiona explains how Shadowboxer was filmed, how they sent a camera crew into the studio and all(eddie didn't quite catch this part, hehehe, if anyone knows exactly what she said mail it to me at

Carson: course there would be a heck of a lot more to the Fiona Apple story than shadowboxer, and Matt Pinfeild has that story.

Fiona: (from 11/97) I mean I DEFINATELY didn't think that it would get this far. You know, I thought, I could do ok. I mean I was sure that some people would like me because I was being honest and if you're honest SOMEBODY in the world's gonna relate to you.

Clip from award's speech: Everybody out there that's watching, everybody that's watching this world, this world is bullshit.

Matt: She may have had her problems with stardom, but in 1996 the world did indeed relate to a tidal wave called Fiona Apple, a phenomenally gifted songwriter who sounded a lot more grown-up than her 19 years, and could never hold back, on stage or off.

Fiona: (from 9/96) I make art out of my anger, I make art out of my pain, and I think that as long as you know what you're angry at it's not a bad thing, you just need to focus at what you're angry at and this is a song about knowing your anger.

Clip of Shadowboxer video.

Fiona: (from 7/97) The whole album is just kind of up and down and the rollercoaster of me and my sick emotional weirdness and all that, so it's Tidal.

Matt: She'll say anything about everything including what it means to make a buzz with provocative videos.

Fiona: (New interview! 11/97) Quite honestly I felt a little bit ashamed of myself for getting the notoriety in a video in which I was in my underwear, which I thought was really the thing that created the buzz. Which, I was hoping more the song could create the buzz. The song was worthy of creating the buzz, so I'm really regretful of that being breakthrough, maybe I'm just cynical, I definately am cynical, but I'm just being too cynical about that, how that helped me, so cool...

Carson: Fiona was talking about Criminal of course, but the video that gets her on our countdown is the same one that earner her best new artist at the 1997 mtv music awards that's where she made that memorable speech we featured at the top of that peice. This was her second buzz clip after shadowboxer, it's fiona apple with sleep to dream.

They play the Sleep To Dream video...

Later on in the show, fiona came back and this is what she had to say(sorry, beginning's chopped off :)

Fiona: (from the new interview) I guess that's not really my job to figure it out, I don't think I would have much input into it anyway, so I guess that brings us to what the importance of a buzz clip is, which is that it allows all the things that aren't already mainstream to become buzz clips, and maybe even the things that are buzz clips that become was clips, maybe 20 years from now they'll be the things that the mainstream is sampling.

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