Fiona Apple on Artist Cut, June 25th 1998

This was transcribed by Allison, Tidal - thanks!

"This video was basically [this part got cut off] and lots of lying on people I didn't know. Only there was another day before that- another day before we started shooting one day where I was just like, trying on all these clothes and I didn't really know that I was going to be wearing these particular garmets. "

"We filmed this up in- I don't even know where, some place up in L.A. and it was just this huge, big, uh- [laughs] kind of tacky place. Um, this guy had, like, pictures of himself up with like, models everywhere. "

" This was Mark's [Romanek's] concept, and it kind of took on its own meaning with me. I just gave up being a role model right from the start and just kinda like, satisfied myself 'cause I'm just basically s'posed to be in this big, huge house, having a big party and running around and basically, I guess, having fun with everyone and, and, feeling bad about it, but feeling good about it. "

"The whole video is me working my whole ego and just letting myself be a little- letting myself get the attention that I want by using the things that take the least effort, which is basically what the song is about, it's about taking advantage of- only it uses it the context of a relationship- of taking avantage of um, of the easy way to do things."

"When I come out of the little pool, I think I look really young and pretty. I look like a little girl, like 5 years old or something. "

"There's no way for me to have a third perspective on this because this is basically just like, 5 minutes of somebody making me look really pretty, which how am I supposed to have any kind of problem with, unless anybody presents a problem to me, which I mean, come on."

"I am treating the audience that is watching this video the same way that the character in this song treats the man, look at me, look how pretty I am. ya know? Is that ridiculous? Is it true? Am I lying? No. The people that kind of uh, like me after this thing came out are the kind of people that I would probably weed out of my normal life."

"It was the most painful experience of my life to have to walk around and like, these people, they're like pinning the underwear to like make it so it's most flattering to you and it's like these people on your ass just like pinning things and I'm having to walk in and out of there with these different pairs of underwear it was like, if I can do this and feel good about that then that shows something really good about me and how far I've come with my confidence."

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