Fiona Apple on the Howard Stern Show, May 2nd 1998

        After seeing the show I really admire Fiona's ability to restrain herself, and to cope with things... Frankly...  I would have gone psycho and shoved the mic down his throat...  now we all know why the guests are seated all the way over there...  Anyway, here's some highlights.
        "I got in this job so that I could say whatever I want to say whenever I want to say it..."
        There was alot of discussion about the MTV Video Music Awards.  I'm not sure how old this episode is...
        She said that she really didn't appreciate Chris Rock with his anorexic joke.
        She sais that she doesn't look anorexic anymore because she's gained some weight.
        About her speech, she says that she was stifled up and didn't say it right.  They then played the video, despite Fiona's protests.  They really began picking at her about how she shouldn't take everything so seriously, and how she should just enjoy herself, and she got really agitated.  At one time she said something like they were wasting airtime with this.
        Fiona said that she sees Hollywood as High School, that it seems to be just a bunch of people who were made fun of in High School trying to make up for it.
        Cool statement about speech: "Everyone sees what I'm saying but no one says it."
        She said that she only gets upset because people and the media say she's upset.  Says she's very easily misinterpreted and that she's not really angry all the time, she's fine.
        They talk about David Blaine, and show a picture of him, and she says that she's still with him.  She says everyone thinks he's black, but he's just a big mix of stuff.
        Then some dude called in who said that he was in the press room when she gave her speech at the MTV awards and he said that the entire room was laughing.  She said she didn't care.
        John Popper from Blues Traveler called in and said that he remembers what Fiona said to him after she got off the stage at the VMAs, about how nervous she was and she told him that she was drunk and she was like "what did I just say?"  They then go on to comment about how she's below the drinking age.  And they talk about how Fiona's hanging out with her mom now.
        Howard says that he has the unedited version of the Criminal video and she's kind of like "unedited?  Are you serious?"  She says she'll have to see that.
        Then, of course, Howard has to bring in the lesbians to watch Fiona perform - like they're lab rats or something.  Howard says that he doesn't believe in bisexuality and Fiona says that she thinks nothing exists BUT bisexuality.
        Howard asks her if she had sex with Marilyn Manson and she said no.
        One of the women asks Fiona if she's bisexual and she says she doesn't know, but then she thinks about it and says yeah, I guess so, but that she has a boyfreind right now.  Then she talks about a girl that she kissed at one of the Lilith Fair shows...  and how she got her number but she never called.
        Then she performed Criminal.  It seems like she feels almost burdened by this song now or something, because she wasn't very into it.  Toward the end of the song she was twirling the microphone cord around her finger.
        After the show she talks about how she had been waiting for this encounter because she'd been in a bad mood and she'd been waiting to get her aggression out, and how she needed this.
        All in all it was typical Howard Stern I guess.

        If anyone has any comments on this show, please email them to me, or if you have a transcript, that would be awesome.

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