Fiona Apple on Where It's At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union - May 21, 1998

          Fiona Appeared on this show commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine, this is what she had to say.

about fame:
"you know what's really weird, though, is that some things are completely not different, because I remember that, like, when I was making the album I used to ride my bike down the beach, and there was always these skateboarder kids like around my age down on the bike path doing their tricks and stuff, and I would ride by and it was like, you know, nobody knew who I was or anything like that, and I remember thinking 'you know in a few months I'm gonna feel really good about myself because they're gonna think that I'm cool because people are gonna know who I am' you know, because in the past you know, it's always been like 'ah, peers!' you know, and like now, they'll come in and stand like I've had people you know, they'll come in and stand right next to you and not even say it to you, like, say "Fiona Apple's really stupid isn't she?" and you'll be standing right there and they'll think it's a cool thing to do, it's like going and it's like jumping and touching an awning when you're jumping, it's like, "go say something mean to the famous girl. cause she's famous so she's evil." or something like that, so now it's kind of like I'm intimidated more, so, for a different thing, now it's kind of like, "I wanted to do something that would make you like me, and now I did that and that makes you think (laugh) think that I'm, you know, not even human."

Sings "Never is a Promise"(edited kind of like the video.)

You can see the interview and the performance at A Tribute To Fiona Apple!

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