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December 1998

December 2 1998
Vote for Fiona!
Vote for Fiona as your favorite female internet star according to! click here.

December 6 1998
Now on the Voice: This Mind This Body & This Voice First Official Survey results! see them here.

December 9 1998
Foxy Brown talks about new album including Fiona collaboration
    From MTV News:

    Foxy Brown has delayed the release date of her new album, "Chyna Doll," until late January, which the rapper says will give her enough time to make sure that everything on the new record has been done the way she wants it.

    On "Chyna Doll," the follow-up to Foxy's 1996 debut, "Il Na Na," Brown diversifies her hip-hop femme fatale style to incorporate contributions from the likes of Fiona Apple. But Brown remains true to her hardcore roots with a new version of N.W.A.'s "Niggaz with Attitude," which she covers with fellow rappers Mia X and Gangsta Boo, aptly re-naming the track "Bitches With Attitude."

    "This is my second album," Brown told the MTV Radio Network, "and I have artists such as Fiona Apple and R. Kelly, so it's really diversified. I mean, it's still hardcore rap, but it's to another level."

    Foxy Brown's new album, "Chyna Doll," is scheduled to be released on January 26.
Fiona Apple - Babe of the Day
Fiona Apple was Babe of the Day yesterday at This is what they had to say : "Can't get enough of that bony frame, can you guys?" uhm... yeah so like they said on Never Is A Promise (Where I stole this information, hehehe... thanks guys...) I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing... oh well, I suppose if Fiona can cause hormones to run wild, well, that's just a small chunk to add to her talents.

December 10 1998
New uhm... old news:

Eddie just unburied this, hehehe... Fiona was on the "In" list for 1998 according to CNN... don't ask me what this means, but hey, it's something I hadn't seen before. It said "out: Alanis Morisette. In: Fiona Apple" you can check it out here.

December 12 1998

Joan Rivers talks dirty about Fiona
On Joan Rivers show Fashion Review, Fiona was nominated Worst Dressed.... awww!!! dirty, Joan, dirty.

December 17 1998

Fiona will be on a rerun of The Rolling Stone State Of The Union tomorrow at 10pm on VH1. There is a bit of her taling and then she plays Never is a Promise. You can still read about it here on The Voice. Also, don't forget to watch a brand new Fiona interview on MTV's "Buzzworthiest", set to air on Saturday at noon and again at 11pm and again on Sunday at 4pm.

December 19 1998

New Fiona Interview- Buzzworthiest
Sleep to Dream ranked at #11 on MTV's Buzzworthiest countdown. Before the song, they showed several clips from interviews with Fiona talking about the making of the Shadowboxer video, fame, and of course, Criminal. Later on she came back to talk about Buzz Clips. You can read all about it Here on The Voice

December 21 1998

Sex Rated Video, Rolling Stone
MTV will be rerunning their Sex Rated Video Countdown tonight at 11... Criminal comes in at #9 on this countdown. At the same time, (11 that is) VH1 will be rerunning the Rolling Stone State of the Union once again. Don't miss her!

Worst Dressed
On a rerun of E!'s Golden Hangar Awards, Fiona was nominated for worst dressed, although Della Reese won. They commented on how her look is "grungy" and she should use some shampoo... These people suck. You can get a real audio clip of it, compliments of Fiona Has Wings.

December 23 1998

Celebrity Style Magazine
Fiona is mentioned in the February 1999 issue of Celebrity Style magazine in a section featuring celebrities who support causes involving animals. It also has a picture that was featured in Spin last year.

December 24 1998

I've heard that Fiona may be doing another soundtrack... which soundtrack is very uncertain at this point since I don't even know if it's true, but if anyone hears any further information on this, or if they've heard a similar rumor from somewhere else, please Email me.

December 29 1998

Recent Magazine Appearances
Fiona appears in a couple upcoming magazines. The first is Jane, the February issue, in which there is an article on Foxy Brown as well as a picture of Fiona on page 93, in a section where they call her "whimpiest overall" when it comes to the gutsiest women of the year. But hey, a picture's a picture. Also, in the February issue of YM, there is an old picture of Fiona and Paul Thomas Anderson as well as a caption. On top of this, as mentioned earlier, she's also in the february issue of Celebrity Style. Thanks to Lauren and LADIT96 for this information.

December 30 1998

New album mention
The Los Angeles Times recently listed Fiona Apple's new album along with Jamiroquai's as a major release for WORK next year. So at least we know we'll get it before next december :)

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