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Just because I could, I made a poll. Which song from When The Pawn... would you choose as your favorite?


February, 2003
Probably release of new album.


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October 31 2003

An article at Rolling Stone provides more evidence that the new album will be released in February. It also identifies two of the tracks as "Extraordinary," which it describes as "a Tin Pan Alley-esque blend of Tom Waits and Vaudeville" and "Better, an OutKast-like deluge of beats." It also says there will be ten tracks once again. Including "Oh Well," Which we read about in New York Times article, we have seven more to discover! read it here.

October 27 2003

Fiona's album obviously did not come out on September 30 as previously stated. However, I did find this article from the New York Times in which Jon Brion hints at a possible February release! It's a great article, Jon Brion is amazing. He worked with Fiona on Tidal and later produced When The Pawn... The article also repeatedly mentions a new Fiona song called Oh Well. read the article!

June 15 2003

Sam Goody now has a release date on their books for September 30 for the new album! Sam Goody's information is always subject to change, however, and does often. If you go into a Sam Goody near you, you can reserve your copy of the new CD and recieve it at their cheapest price along with a $3 coupon. I don't work there, really.

June 8 2003

Fiona has finished recording her new album - it is now in the mixing stages and tentatively set to release in September.

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July 13 2003

14 New pictures Have been added to the live pictures section.

June 11 2003

Merchandise section has been completely revamped, brought up to the new visual standard and completely reorganized to be a comprehensive comparison-shopping center. Note that The Voice recieves no money for linking to these retail websites.

June 8 2003

Hello all. It's been a while. But yes, I have updated.

+ - _ - Main page has been modified to be more functional (and attractive)
+ - _ - Music, pictures and links pages have been modified in a similar manner.
+ - _ - 32 pictures have been added
+ - _ - Complete lyrics for When The Pawn... added
+ - _ - Take the little poll that I made! Whee!
+ - _ - Post something on our new message board!
+ - _ - More to come!

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